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Our Community

A Community Preschool Guided by Jewish Values

Congregation Adat Reyim didn't come up with the wonderful African expression "It takes a village to raise a child" but we are living proof that it does take a community.  You'll notice this as soon as you enter our building.

We are incredibly fortunate to be part of a congregation that values the important things - like children (who like to run, climb and explore) and people of all ages who come together to share a meal, a holiday or to support each other in difficult times.  You'll notice that we use all parts of our building for a range of activities.  Our sanctuary becomes an indoor tricycle track in the winter months so that the children can work their muscles, our lobby becomes a cozy living room where we light Chanukah candles before turning it into a holiday bazaar for our religious school students.  Our kitchen is daily filled with delicious smells - from the challah each child bakes Friday morning to the spreads put together by the Sisterhood ladies.  

Our building is like the house from your childhood - the one where all the kids seemed to congregate because there was always something interesting going on, where you didn't have to worry about breaking priceless antiques and where you always felt welcomed and valued.

​We are so happy that our preschool community stretches beyond our classrooms and that it doesn't end when a child heads off to kindergarten.  We love that when we need interesting "loose parts" for our Imagination Studio we get contributions from people who don't have children in the preschool.  We love that our students feel at home in the building and make sure to include Mr. Andreas in their weekly challah baking.  We especially love that Mr. Steve is not only willing to put together new furniture for our classrooms but is happy to do his part at our Friendly's Fundraiser!

We invite you to come by for one of our many community events, for Shabbat Services or for a classroom visit.  We think you'll feel right at home.